Dieaspora was founded and created by Naab in 2016. Dieaspora is defined by Webster as "a :the movement, migration, or scattering of a people away from an established or ancestral homeland i.e ( the black dieaspora). The "die" in diaspora represents the people who have sacrificed both men and women. Coming from a Ghanaian background, Naab understands the meaning of sacrifice and humility. The symbol above Dieaspora is an Adinkra symbol called a "Sankofa", which translates to "Go back and get it" in twi, a Ghanian language , which also happens to be  Naabs native tongue. Overall the meaning of "Dieaspora" is the lost people from their home, returning to claims whats rightfully theirs (i.e(  if Ghana demanded Queen Elizabeth give back all that stolen gold, or African countries asking for reparations from their colonizer.) In short we're all children of the Dieaspora traveling this world and retrieving whats ours.